Bulk Slide/Negative Scanning

At Rapid Photo & Image Centre, our 25 years of expertise in the photofinishing industry has positioned us as specialists in the analog to digital archiving field. Whether it is a single negative of your earliest memory or a complete slide collection of your museum's artifacts, allow us to safely preserve your images with the latest in digital capture technology.

By implementing Kodak's latest image restoration algorithms with our state of the art equipment, we have the ability to turn your precious and most valuable images into digital files you can cherish and enjoy forever.

For institutions requiring bulk slide scanning for archiving purposes, our process meets the standards of digitization of The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). By eliminating the need for unnecessary handling and movement of precious artifacts, our services are invaluable to the seamless transition of converting fragile 35mm slides or transparencies to vivid, vibrant and permanent digital files.

Slides requiring extra special attention can be individually scanned by hand. Additional post production services such as level enhancements, resizing, identification and file management are made available for you so you can concentrate on your images instead of time consuming technical details.

The Keepsake Slide Service:

Each slide scan $ 1.99 ea
50 slides or more $ 1.50 ea
100 slides or more $ 1.25 ea
1000 slides or more $ .99 ea
5000 slides or more $ .79 ea

The Studio Slide Service:

Each slide scan $ 3.95 ea
50 slides or more $ 3.50 ea
100 slides or more $ 3.00 ea
1000 slides or more $ 2.50 ea
5000 slides or more $ 2.00 ea

Bulk Photo Scanning

We can help convert your old shoebox and albums full of photos into digital format.

Whether you need to share photos with friends, archive your images for your family or document a case or project, we can scan your photographs from as little as $.35 per photograph.

Preserving your precious memories from fading, and accidental damage has never been more affordable.


Up to 30 photographs $1.99 each
More than 30 photographs $0.99 each
More than 50 photographs $.69 each
More than 100 photographs $.49 each
More than 500 photographs $.39 each
More than 1000 photographs $.29 each

  1. Ensure that your photographs are free or any sticky notes or staples
  2. If your photos come from the adhesive albums, please remove any excess glue
  3. Do not include any ripped or torn photographs, they may get further damaged.(For these photographs, our flat bed scanning service is available)
  4. Please arrange your photos in order of size, face up, with smallest on top and the largest on the bottom.
  5. If your photos are all the same size, and you would like them in a particular order, please place them face up in the order you would like with the FIRST photo on the top.
  6. If you do not have the time to remove photos from your albums, we do offer removal and replacement service of your photos.